Thursday, December 6, 2007

Four Taste of Love

One suck of lemon squash, the taste is simply euuu…it made you close your eyes immediately and just want to swallow it down your throat in the shortest time ever. The sourness flows into heart, turning into jealousy. Or maybe envious? She doesn’t know. Yes,she is jealous, jealous that other girls could get to own that precious smile of his but she never gets her turn, jealous that she could never be the first to share his joy and tears, jealous that he never noticed the heart that she offered with both hands. Somebody said before, the furthest distance in the world is not North Pole and South Pole, nor Heaven and Earth. I am standing right in front of you, but you don’t know I love you. Finishing up the last drop of drink, she put the slice of lemon into her mouth. She chose to let the sourness of it to cover up the sourness that is dwelling inside her.

Put a tiny piece of chocolate into your mouth. It turns into liquid, filling every inch of your mouth. It is warm, it is sweet, enough to melt even the toughest heart to send the message of happiness to every cell in the body. She never knows joy can be this infectious. A smile on his face can made another smile blooms on her face. See him falling down she feels the pain all the same. His happiness is equals to hers. She felt contented just by leaning on his shoulder and fall asleep in his arms. She is willing to let him hold her hand, lead her to the end of the world as long as that is where he wants to soar.

Have you ever seen bitter gourd? Beneath that green fresh appealing skin, lies the unspoken bitterness. It is so nicely wrapped up by its appearance that you really have to give it a bite to have a taste of the real juice of bitterness that it brings. To him, she knows she can only be his best friend, maybe a good listener and a sister. She knows his heart has been given away to another girl long time ago. She is fully aware of all these. But she has to admit she is a failure, totally failure in controlling her heart not to think of him, not to like him, not to follow him. After plucking up all the courage she could find, she decided to made it clear with him. Be it good or bad. The word No that came out from his mouth marked the ending of her dreams, dreams that once convinced her that they will have a future, that they will walk on this journey of life together hand in hand, that they still have a lot of time to compose the beautiful stories about them. Her heart is numb, numbed by that bitterness hidden beneath the strong front of it.

Just like what the old Portugese and a lot of westerners had done to risk their lives, fight the winds and waves crossing the ocean all the way to Malaya just to look for that tiny pepper seed. It is the spiciness that attracts them. It spikes up your taste bud, it makes you sweat and feel like on fire, yet you don’t wanna feel like stopping but craving for more. Because that’s human nature – like to challenge and enjoy the excitement it brings. She is not those gentle and demure lady who speaks softly, who enjoyed being pampered like a cat on the lap. She is the one who will laugh loudly when she is happy, forgets all about image a girl should have when she gets into fun, get even with guys that try to bully her, nail right on the head if she finds you have gone the wrong way. The guy must be a real Malaysian to dare to take up the challenge to try this little chilli. Phew !

I have been wondering, why salt is left out of the four taste? Isn’t it the most important seasoning that we have put into cooking? How could God made a blunder like this? Only after that I realized, God would never made a mistake. Let me prove this to you:

If you mix sourness with bitterness ( acid + alkali) , you will get salt and water.
This is known as tears. Tears are sometimes sign that show you are still a normal being who undergoes feelings joy and sorrow. Although it is made up of both sourness and bitterness, but is only after tasting these two taste that you will get to appreciate the sweetness that comes after that even more.

Love is made up of all taste. Just like people is craving for chocolate because it contains bitterness blended with sweetness. Tomyam is nice because it is spicy and sour. Any fruit that you taste sweet now is sour before it ripens. Just like a rainbow is incomplete when it lacks one colour, love would be a flaw if you miss any of this taste. Be grateful that God gave us this chance to experience the taste of Love, so let us start to enjoy it now !