Friday, September 4, 2009

What it takes

for a man to remember his promise

to a sometimes willful and over-demanding young girl

that he promised to get her a laptop which she has always wanted

even at the time when he knows his days are numbered

even it takes up not much that’s left of him

stretching that will that is still holding strong

within the frail body

he still wants to fulfill her dream like he always do…

What it takes

for a man to remember just that set of number

when he barely could couldn’t recognize anyone else that moment

lying on that snow-white hospital bed

he still want to give her a call

even it takes so much energy just to say a few simple words

to tell and assure her he is fine when he is not

even it takes up the pride and ego that means everything to a man

to beg and plead just so he could her voice in hospital where calls are forbid especially in an ICU

Just so he could tell her

what he hopes and wants for her life

before the cancer cells clear his path

his way

to the heaven…

That was the last time he talked to her

That was the last time she ever heard his voice…

All it takes...

is just a father’s love to his most precious princess...

To never fail his promise

To keep her in his mind and heart

even until the last moments…

365 days have passed...

she thought that being away from home for too long

being a strong and independent girl as always in everyone's eyes

the memories of him

that seem to linger lesser and lesser in her mind

she might and she will forget about him one day…

Just then she found out

it will never be.

She will never lose it
she will never forget it
she will never exchange it for anything.

Just because

its part of her.

366th day onwards

I wish I could tell you I don’t miss you anymore

I won’t be trying hard to recall the vague memories we had before

for I have decided to keep you in my heart wherever I go...

The day when I put on my graduation robe

The day when I walk into a crowd to serve as a pharmacist

The day when I walk the down the aisle to give my hand to him

The day when you will have a little one asking about his grandpa

i want you to be there

right there with me in my heart

to live every moment of my life with me…

I miss you,
I really do.