Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Prove to me

i know how great thou art
i know how You calmed the raging seas
i know how much blood you have shed for me


i do not just want to know
i do not just want to hear
about how great is that God in the bible
about how great is the ever-forgiving love
that forgives even

a sinner
a wretch
the worst person in the world
like me
at the cross
i bow my knees
i challenge
i want to see
i want You to prove
let me see and experience

that You dont just live in Bible and sermons
that You are not just a silly belief which people thinks
i have fallen into
that You are real

by changing me

Let me see
how thy grace
will change a lousy person like me.

Then shall i
my life
be a testimony for You
for the rest of my days
as long as life endures.

Friday, September 4, 2009

What it takes

for a man to remember his promise

to a sometimes willful and over-demanding young girl

that he promised to get her a laptop which she has always wanted

even at the time when he knows his days are numbered

even it takes up not much that’s left of him

stretching that will that is still holding strong

within the frail body

he still wants to fulfill her dream like he always do…

What it takes

for a man to remember just that set of number

when he barely could couldn’t recognize anyone else that moment

lying on that snow-white hospital bed

he still want to give her a call

even it takes so much energy just to say a few simple words

to tell and assure her he is fine when he is not

even it takes up the pride and ego that means everything to a man

to beg and plead just so he could her voice in hospital where calls are forbid especially in an ICU

Just so he could tell her

what he hopes and wants for her life

before the cancer cells clear his path

his way

to the heaven…

That was the last time he talked to her

That was the last time she ever heard his voice…

All it takes...

is just a father’s love to his most precious princess...

To never fail his promise

To keep her in his mind and heart

even until the last moments…

365 days have passed...

she thought that being away from home for too long

being a strong and independent girl as always in everyone's eyes

the memories of him

that seem to linger lesser and lesser in her mind

she might and she will forget about him one day…

Just then she found out

it will never be.

She will never lose it
she will never forget it
she will never exchange it for anything.

Just because

its part of her.

366th day onwards

I wish I could tell you I don’t miss you anymore

I won’t be trying hard to recall the vague memories we had before

for I have decided to keep you in my heart wherever I go...

The day when I put on my graduation robe

The day when I walk into a crowd to serve as a pharmacist

The day when I walk the down the aisle to give my hand to him

The day when you will have a little one asking about his grandpa

i want you to be there

right there with me in my heart

to live every moment of my life with me…

I miss you,
I really do.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Change Changing Changed

Every morning when i wake
i wait for You
Every night when i find rest
i found my rest in You

You're the one who's shaping me
to be more like You
i lose myself till there is nothing

i can, i will and i am changing
till it's You who i see in me
i stand, i kneel and i'd do anything
till it's You who i see in me

Unto You i commit this life again
every inch of me is to magnify You

Start in me
Start with me Lord
because i yearn to see
it too will start

in him
in her
in them
in the small family
in the small town
in the small land
in the small world
that never stops spinning

in Your big big hand...

i want

change changing changed

Thursday, August 13, 2009












Saturday, July 11, 2009

Forever Legacy

As i looked back
the very first post when this blog was born
its about him,
or rather Him
what He hoped for in tears as He looked down.

Heal the World
one song that truly melted my heart to it
each word speaks of the hope
hope of a generation
hope of a lonely soul that it will be heard one day
hope when finally guns are put down and hands are shaken again
hope of a sick world that needs healing.

the one who sang it no longer sings
but the hope always remain
for he too hope for a better world
for his children
for this world which he has to bid farewell first.

He has made a difference,
have us?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Fathers Day, dad...

Daddy if there is one thing you should know
let it be that i love you so
no matter how tired you walked home from work
no matter how late you come home.

Daddy if there is one thing you should hear
let it be that i miss you always
the times you held me in your hands
the times you picked me up when i fall

You may not be the one that change the world
or save the human race
but Daddy you should know still
Yu're the one that makes me smile
the arms i run back to
You're the champion
the only champion of my heart.

Daddy if there is one thing i want
it would be another chance to tell you
You're the hero that took my nightmares away
the one that paint my skies with the
brightest colors

I don't mind of there is no gifts or presents
or when you're upset and angry
what truly matters to me
is that you first loved me so
that will never change
You're the champion, the champion of my heart.

How bout the times i fail you
still you believe in me
How bout the times i hurt myself
you cleaned my wounds and
When the rain came pouring in
you kept me safe and dry
what more could i ask of you
when i have the best of what you could be

by TLJ

Daddy if there is one thing I'd want
it would be another chance to tell you
Happy Fathers Day.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sing for You

Say the word and I will sing for You
Over oceans deep, I will follow
If each star was a song
And every breath of wind, praise
It would still fail by far to say
All my heart contains
I simply live,
I simply live for You

As the glory of Your presence
Now fills this place
In worship, we will meet You face to face
There is nothing in this world
To which You can be compared
Glory on glory, praise upon praise
You bind the broken hearted
And save all my tears
By Your word, You set the captives free
There is nothing in this world
That You cannot do
I simply live,
I simply live for You

No longer my race to run
but Your will to be done
for i am saved by grace
living by grace now
this is a life
lived simply for You alone...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

That Friday...

At 3pm, it rained. Rained so heavily. The rain today feels different. In the midst of wetness and refreshing breeze it brings, it is mixed with a string of sadness, loneliness, that breaks the heart of all who feels it. I am reminded…

Six hours one Friday,

was all that it takes,

for the son of Man,

Lamb of God,

to be nailed on the cross,

bearing all the sins and shame.

That moment,

clouds turned dark,

the Father looked away,

heaven wept,

and the angels were silent,

looking at that man hung on the cross.

“It is finished.”

The end of sins

end of His work here on Earth

end of His cup of sufferings

end of death,

for our Lord,

has paid them all.

Love is the color of the blood stained on the cross at Calvary…

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Niu Year ^^

The celebration of festival
Can mean so much more than...

The cleaning up job
Which often comes with the non-stop grumbling yet so much satisfaction :P

Or the new n nice nice clothes from top to bottom
(mum always complain they make a hole in her pocket :P)

the abundant of unlimited delicacies
(which often make me gain afew kgs after tat =.= )

It means...

the meeting up n catching up with loved ones
who are so faraway yet so close in hearts
having so much fun n energy even after staying up the whole nite

And with the addition of a new member in the family

so goes with the addition of joy n smiles plastered on every face

Double joy

Double time together

Double prosperity

Double blessings

in this New Year!!!


DaddyGod,thank U for such cute n fabulous family i have =)