Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Prove to me

i know how great thou art
i know how You calmed the raging seas
i know how much blood you have shed for me


i do not just want to know
i do not just want to hear
about how great is that God in the bible
about how great is the ever-forgiving love
that forgives even

a sinner
a wretch
the worst person in the world
like me
at the cross
i bow my knees
i challenge
i want to see
i want You to prove
let me see and experience

that You dont just live in Bible and sermons
that You are not just a silly belief which people thinks
i have fallen into
that You are real

by changing me

Let me see
how thy grace
will change a lousy person like me.

Then shall i
my life
be a testimony for You
for the rest of my days
as long as life endures.

1 comment:

Leoz said...

How daring you are..I thought I am the only one who always "cari pasal" with God...Finally you have got what's in my arteries...

I am not contented by who I am now, I want to be moulded into His likeness and one day when I see Him face-to-face, I pray that He will give me a tap on my head saying that : Well done Zoe, I AM proud of you." =)

Ride on the challenge and once again be amazed by Him.
Long time ago,because of one man prayed" give me British, or I die.." and great thing happended.

Many years later, there's one girl praying:" Give me India, or I die..." and greater thing is yet to come.

Prove to us, Lord.