Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Couldn't stand the Friday afternoon in Akasia

So off we go

Me n Betty

Two young ladies

Exploring the new ways of using our camera lens

to capture what human eyes always missed

in a place that no one will actually take the effort to stop

But if ever one day

u slow down ur steps

to pause awhile

maybe u will discover

the spirit of flower that speaks

the eye that blinks

the rhythm of flowing water that sings

and the hands of God that creates =)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Beautiful Saviour

Beautiful Saviour
God of all Majesty
Risen king.

Lamb of God,
Holy and righteous
Blessed redeemer,
Bright morning star.

All the heavens shout your praise
All creation bow to worship You.

How wonderful
how beautiful
Name above every name
exalted high
How wonderful
how beautiful
Jesus your name
name above every name
I will sing forever
Jesus I love you
Jesus I love you


when there are no way turn to anymore
when all that is left is a dead end in front
when i am too weary to go on anymore
when i am too weak to even hold on anymore
i pray
i ask
i cry

please dont ever let go of your hands that are holding me
thats all i am left with now...