Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Till we meet again at Home

Specially dedicated to a special man in my life

6 Sept 2008 ...

I hold them in my hands,

So cold, so pale.

The coldness of the palm told me,

No amount of warm tears,

could bring back the temperature of the hands again,

no amount of calling,

would make ur eyes open and look at me again,

no amount of grief n brokenness,

can make the sound of heart thumping to be heard again.

I bowed down,

For the last time i speak to you face to face,

“Pa, I will take good care of mum and sis.
I will be a daughter that will do you proud.
We shall meet again in heaven, ok?
A promise.”

For the last time i pray for you,

“God, i am surrendering this man into ur loving hands.
Bring him to a place free of suffering and pain.
Take him home, a place to where he belongs.”

Last kiss, last goodbye.

8 Sept 2008 ...

Last journey,

I completed it with you till the very end.

The body turns to dust and past will be carried away by wind,

But the soul has finally found his eternal shelter to rest.

That evening, it rained.

Rain that reminded me that its time to wash away sorrow and tears,

And start on a journey without you.

“You are a joyful man, your daughter wouldn’t be too bad either.”

Yet the heart that misses will always remain.

One day, i know,

I will meet both my Fathers again at Home.